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Elephant Retirement Home

A visit to an elephant retirement home is a rich and rewarding experience and Thai Eco Solutions works with an established elephant retirement home in Lampang province, who have rescued numerous elephants over the years providing a peaceful refuge for elderly or often injured elephants that are unable to care for themselves in the wild.  Our partners adhere to the highest levels of care whom provide natural environments for the elephants to feel comfortable in.    

Volunteers and visitors contribute to the healing while learning about their lives past and present and Thai Eco Solutions can craft a package that develops team building whilst having a memorable experience.  A typical tour includes;  

1. Introduction to elephant conservation
Upon arrival we will discuss about this particular conservation project, what they do and why and take some group photos

2. Elephant Adoption
A donation will be made to the home to help in the future protection of the elephants.  Many elderly elephants are sent to this center for retirement to so the adoption ensures the elephants are safe and happy.

3. Feeding preparation
Your team can help the staff prepare food for the elephants and feed them. The group can pass around various fruits / sugarcane to a number of elephants, stroke them and play with them.

4. Bathing
If time permits we can take the elephants to a water source for bathing and washing, your group can join them in the water if they like or watch from the side as the mahouts bathe them.

A visit to an elephant retirement home is one of many examples of a conservation project in Thailand that can be organized on behalf of schools, universities or corporate projects.  For more information please contact us.   


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