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Tree Planting Case Study

In July 2020 Thai Eco Solutions with the cooperation of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park embarked on a tree planting project at Doi Hua Moo, an area within the national park with the aim to offset some of the damage caused by fires in the dry season.  

The project was supported by a number of businesses, organizations and volunteers as well as staff from the national park to successfully plant 1200 saplings at the site.  

The initial stages of the project involved several meetings with the national park to identify suitable areas for a tree planting project.  With the site identified Thai Eco Solutions embarked on a fund raising program with funds paying for the saplings, transportation costs, maintenance costs and provisions for the event day.  

With all logistics planned, Thai Eco Solutions invited employees of supporting businesses, volunteers from various organizations, villagers from the nearby Chan Khian village and staff from the national park to join the planting day which took place on July 12th 2020.  Thai Eco Solutions provided all transportation, lunch, refreshments and equipment and all saplings were successfully planted on the morning of the 12th.  

The project continues into Q4 2020 with maintenance inspections being carried out every 2 months and monitoring on the sapling growth with the findings being used for further research by the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU).  Further maintenance will be carried out as the next dry season comes around to endeavor to ensure the sapling survival.  

Tree planting is one of many examples of a conservation project in Thailand that can be organized on behalf of schools, universities or corporate projects.  For more information please contact us.   


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