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From tree planting to water conservation, Thai Eco Solutions offers a wide range of CSR projects to get involved with.

We Specialise In

Corporate Social Responsibility

We manage all your CSR needs, from concept of strategies to execution. Our passion, expertise and connections with environmental organisations allow us to create CSR projects that benefit people, planet and profits.

Universities and Schools

Participating in social responsibility programmes not only equips students with life skills but also enhances the reputation of the educational institution. We provide outdoor activities – from water rafting to tree planting – that enable students to connect with nature and grow their personal development.

Conservation projects

We work with national parks, conservation groups and community groups to develop dynamic and sustainable projects. These include tree planting, wildlife camera monitoring projects, mangrove tree conservation, litter picking, water conservation and more.

Team building

It is important all our volunteers feel engaged with our projects. This not only helps it become more memorable and enjoyable for them but also has an increased impact on the project and environment. Teamwork is a great way to motivate people, which is why we always include team building initiatives into the projects.


Ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially for the socially and environmentally conscious. As well as our corporate projects, we also offer enriching personal experiences for individuals where they can combine exploring new cultures and environments with a greater understanding of nature and local societies.

Sustainable Products

We source locally made sustainable products such as paper, bamboo or metal straws, cups, carrier bags and other products, and can provide to local and wider businesses.

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