Team Building

All of our projects encompass team building initiatives that have a positive impact not only on the environment but also the individuals taking part.

Team Building

Team Building Projects in Thailand

All of our projects encompass team building initiatives that have a positive impact not only on the environment but also the individuals taking part.

Here at Thai Eco Solutions our focus is on creating exciting, sustainable and engaging social responsibility projects that support the environment, rural communities and local schools. We know, however, that our projects need to have a positive effect on the individuals taking part, not only to enhance their experience but also to strengthen the impact of their volunteering.

Because of this we integrate team building initiatives into all our projects, using a mix of icebreakers, games and structured activities – tailored to suit each project or client. We find that greater team bonding – whether between existing colleagues or groups of strangers – helps encourage collaboration, maintain motivation and enhances the whole experience for everyone. Not only does the environmental project benefit, but volunteers come away feeling energised and engaged with their activities, they have shared memorable moments, interesting stories and new friendships.

Our Projects

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Tree Planting

Develop and encourage team building with tree planting projects that require communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Elephant Sanctuary

Visit an elephant sanctuary, prepare food, bathe and walk with these majestic animals.


Volunteer within a rural community, support a school by teaching or volunteer for an NGO; we can devise a number of projects to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us

Fun, Inspiring & Customizable

Not only will Thai Eco Solutions organize your CSR projects and events but we will also incorporate team building initiatives into the day too. Higher morale and engagement and increased productivity are just some of the positive impacts that team building gives – as well as a great day out for your employees.

Meet Our Team

Suwanus Yibpikul

Suwanus Yibpikul

Founder & CEO

Suwanus (Golf) spent 10 years in Bangkok working for major ad agencies before moving to Chiang Mai in 2014. Since then Golf has developed a passion for the outdoors and environmental projects.

Helena Pu

Helena Pu

Sales Executive

Helena moved to Thailand with an extensive background in sales in mainland China as well as Hong Kong. As well as her love of sales, Helena enjoys supporting CSR and conservation projects.

Becky Wallace

Becky Wallace

Communications Manager

Rebecca grew up on a mountain, lived on a narrowboat, and is a lover of all things to do with nature. She has a background in communications, including for the Mayor of London’s environment department.


What People Are Saying

“Volunteering is really important to me. Luckily my employers understand its importance too. Thanks to Thai Eco Solutions I was able to help with preserving mangrove swamps, something I’d not thought of doing before! It was an eye opening and memorable experience.”

Dan Wallace

Marketing Director, Trailhead Thailand

“I had the opportunity to volunteer with school children in a really rural community in Thailand – we all learnt something from each other, it was such a unique experience. My university arranged the opportunity with Thai Eco Solutions and it really helped me decide that I want to be a teacher when I graduate.”

Helena Smith

“I love Thailand, but didn’t want to just lie on a beach for a few weeks and then head home. Instead I found out about these eco-tours through Thai Eco Solutions and had the best time – it was utterly memorable, and they took care of the details so we could focus on the important stuff. Would absolutely do it again.”

Isabella Edwards

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