Thai Eco Solutions

Connecting people with the natural environment through meaningful corporate social responsibility projects and educational programmes.

What We Do

Thai Eco Solutions allows businesses, organisations and educational institutions to grow their environmental credentials and make a difference in the world.

By using our long-standing relationships with national parks and conservation organisations, as well as our extensive PR and marketing experience, we design, manage and implement tailor-made initiatives that connect businesses and people to the environment, generating ecological, social and brand value.

How We Work

Our approach is collaborative, friendly and supportive. We work with our clients in two ways:

  • We can work closely with your staff as an outsourced part of your CSR team, consulting on best practice methods, sustainability strategies and long-term vision.
  • We can be responsible for your entire CSR programme, from conception, management and implementation, as well as PR exposure and visibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We manage all your CSR needs, from concept of strategies to execution. Our passion, expertise and connections with environmental organisations allow us to create CSR projects that benefit people, planet and profits.

Schools & Universities

Participating in social responsibility programmes not only equips students with life skills but also enhances the reputation of the educational institution. We provide outdoor activities that enable students to connect with nature and grow their personal development.

Conservation Projects

We work with national parks, conservation groups and community groups to develop dynamic and sustainable projects. These include tree planting, wildlife camera monitoring projects, mangrove tree conservation, litter picking, water conservation and more.

Team Building Projects in Thailand

We offer fun, interactive team building projects in Thailand that develop interpersonal skills among employees whilst providing meaningful support for the communities and national parks that we work with in Thailand.  

Eco Tourism

We offer enriching personal experiences for individuals off the beaten track tours in the Chiang Mai region, where you can combine exploring new cultures and environments whilst developing a greater understanding of nature and local societies.

Sustainable Products

We source locally made sustainable products such as paper, bamboo or metal straws, cups, carrier bags and other products, and can provide to local and wider businesses.  We can source sustainable products depending on specific requirements.

Feedback from our Partners

“We can’t thank Thai Eco Solutions enough – they helped us to navigate the world of CSR so that we are now in the process of setting up some great initiatives which are fun and educational.”

Dan Wallace

Marketing Director, Trailhead Thailand

“We joined a group that went to the Ban Khun Chang Kian village in Doi Suthep Pui National Park. Together we picked up trash around the village and we were able to collect an entire pickup truck bed full of trash in just one hour!”


C and C World Odyssey

“Thai Eco Solutions went above and beyond for our company – they arranged the whole team day out, from the transportation to the refreshments, lunch and the volunteering opportunity itself. I highly recommend them for your CSR project.”

Isabella Edwards

“Thai Eco Solutions organized a World Cleanup Day event which was sponsored by our company. Everything went perfectly and the team had a great morning helping the local community and getting to meet all of the other volunteers.”

Antonio Compbell

Ready to Make a Change?

CSR is an important part of any modern business. Let Thai Eco Solutions support you every step of the way. Join our growing community today and get in touch.