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Community Development 

There are literally thousands of villages and small communities dotted throughout Chiang Mai and northern Thailand, with 6 main ethnic minorities making up the population whose descendants migrated to Thailand hundreds of years ago from China, Myanmar and Laos.  

A visit to one of the many villages is a popular activity for visitors to Thailand, providing a glimpse into their lifestyle and way of life as well as giving an opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings in the local area. 

Whilst tourists visiting an off the beaten track village can be beneficial to the local economy and fun for a short while for a visitor, Thai Eco Solutions organizes a more hands on approach to community development, organizing trips to assist a village in a more impactful way, whether it be through volunteer teaching, helping to build a library, donating books and other materials, planting trees, playing sports and games and more. 

This concept is perfect for a corporate trip to Chiang Mai or team building trip as it allows the visitor to immerse themselves into the local culture and interact with the locals in a far more meaningful and long lasting way.  Thai Eco Solutions can tailor a trip to your schedule, number of people and location with activities including;

1. Teaching Local Children
Visit a local school, interact with the kids and give a short lesson in English.

2. Library Building
Help put up shelves, decorate and donate books to a school library which will provide generations of locals a resource to learn from.

3. Enjoy a Game of Soccer
The village may be remote but everyone speaks the global language of soccer!  Visitors can join in a game and have fun playing sports with the kids.

4. Donation of Supplies
A simple item like a water tank or furniture can be appreciated in a remote village, we can organize a donation on behalf of your group.

Community development is just one of many team building activities in Chiang Mai, contact us today to learn more.   


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Team Building Activities

Tree Planting

Working together with national parks, we can arrange a tree planting project whatever your budget.  View the case study to learn more and get in touch if you’d like to learn more.  

Mangrove Restoration

Mangrove restoration is essential in order to prevent coastal erosion and is a fantastic way to build relationships with co-workers.  Learn more about this project.

Visit an Elephant Retirement Home

Prepare food, bathe and walk with elderly elephants on this amazing trip with Thai Eco Solutions, perfect for corporate, team building, schools and university outings.  

Build a Firebreak

Between January – April we can organize a firebreak event with the national park with the aim to lessen the chance of a fire spreading in the forest.  Meet those on the front line and foster relationships with freinds and colleagues with this CSR activity.

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