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Hidden Jungle Trek

The Hidden Jungle Trek is an immersive journey through the rainforest, high up in the mountains of Mae Takrai National Park in Chiang Mai.  Explore beautiful jungle, old growth trees (including one of the oldest trees in Chiang Mai) and get a chance to spot gibbons in the wild!This is a gentle hiking experience with about 5km of trails through the forest.

Along the way a local guide will explain about the flora and fauna and you’ll get to taste, smell and touch a myriad of plants and learn about their uses.  We’ll also hike past several waterfalls as we traverse the mountainous trails.  We’ll also explore the famous Mae Kampong village with its quaint houses and shop stalls and you’ll get a chance to do some shopping, take photos or take in the amazing atmosphere. 

We support various members of the local community through this activity, including the gibbon caretaker, a local village guide, residents of the village and we donate to a village fund to help maintain the beauty of the area.


Chance to spot gibbons in the wild!

Visit one of the oldest trees in Chiang Mai

Explore Mae Kampong village

Visit Mae Kampong waterfall



What’s Included

English speaking guide

Transportation (van or SUV depending on group size)

Donation to gibbon caretaker

Donation to local guide


Village fee


What is not included?

Personal expenses – you may want to buy a bag of coffee or gift from the village


Sample Itinerary

08.00am – Departure from the hotel

09.30am – Arrive in village

10.30am – Explore Mae Kampong village

12.30pm – Coffee break

13.00pm – Continue with jungle trek

13.45 – Lunch

14.30 – Drive back to Chiang Mai

16.00 – Drop off at hotel


What to Bring


Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, insect repellent

Long sleeves/Jacket during wintertime (Nov – March)

Hiking shoes with good grip

Raincoat in the green season

Small backpack



2,500 THB per person


What to Know

Mae Kampong has become a must see destination for many visitors to Chiang Mai and certain times of the year can be very busy. Despite this, it retains a wonderful atmosphere and charm with plenty to do and see. The vast majority of people will only stop in the village therefore we’ll have the hiking trails to ourselves more often than not.

The hike is very gentle so only moderate fitness is required, the trail is steep and uneven so sturdy shoes are recommended. You can ask us for more physical hikes with the longest being to Kew Fin along a remote trail, this is a beautiful trek but much more strenuous along very steep terrain, the total loop is 10km+ and takes approx 3 hours. The name Kew Fin means opium ridge, named after the opium that used to be harvested in the region many years ago. Now the jungle is a haven for wild pigs, deer, wild dogs, badgers, leopard cats, civet cats and many more animals.

The gibbons were once cared for by a local zipline operator which has since closed leaving no financial support. For every booking, we’ll provide some food for the gibbons and funds to help the caretakers continue to protect these amazing animals. Please note, as with any wild animal, sightings are not guaranteed.


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